Why choose royalty free music?

So, you’re a content creator, and you want to add some cool tunes to your video. You insert one of your favourite songs, and it just totally completes your epic editing job. You upload it to YouTube and watch the views climb up. People really seem to appreciate your work. Satisfied with your efforts, you move onto your next project.

Then, a few weeks later, you check your email, and you have received a dreaded email that informs you your video has been hit with a copyright claim because of the music you used. You check your YouTube channel, and your video has been removed. You swear and curse and punch your keyboard, but no amount of venting is going to restore your video.

You see, just like you would like to get paid for your work as a content creator, musicians also want to be paid for theirs. That’s why you can’t just use any music you want in a commercial project — you need to pay royalties. If the music you want to use is a very popular song by a well known artist, you can expect to have to pay a rather hefty sum that will quite possibly be more than you earn in a year.

There is a very popular, cheaper alternative, though. Welcome to the world of royalty free music. When you choose to use royalty free music in your project, you are granted usage rights in perpetuity, and you only need to pay a single once-off fee.

Royalty free music services differ in their pricing. Some charge you more for a single item, but give discounts if you purchase multiple items at once. Others even allow you free non-commercial use on projects under a Creative Commons licence. All you need to do is to be a bit flexible about the direction of your project, and you will find the music to match.

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