Royalty free sound effects

If you have spent a significant amount of time on YouTube, you will no doubt be aware of the many great web series and short films available. You will also have noticed that some of them have surprisingly high production values for something that’s given away for free. But what exactly gives it that brilliant sheen that sets it apart from the rest? Obviously you can only have a great result if you do the basics right. The lighting needs to be correct, the lenses focused correctly, and every shot should be planned to perfection. But it’s in post production where the raw footage is turned into magic.

So, what makes the magic? Is it high quality titles? Good grading? Maybe simply excellent visual effects? Yes, it can be all of these, but a movie is never just what it looks like. Perhaps the greatest part of a film’s success is what it sounds like. A good musical score can elevate your film to new heights, but music alone is not enough. You also need top quality sound design. And no, you don’t need to record all of your sound effects yourself. There is an easier way that will certainly save you a lot of time and effort.

Royalty free sound effects can add that little extra punch to your visuals, without having to try to do the recording yourself, or pay a competent sound designer. You can find many free and royalty free sound effects on the internet, but it’s likely that the very best quality samples will be paid for ones. It can be a good investment to buy a few sets of royalty free audio samples that you can reuse on future projects. There is also the option to subscribe to vast libraries of samples, which gives you access to a lot of high quality effects for however long you choose to subscribe.

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