Royalty free music in game development

Game developers know all too well that their games need music. You can have the best and most demanding 3D graphics in the world, or the most amazing retro pixel art, but if your game trailer video doesn’t have a kickass soundtrack, no one will be interested in playing it. That in itself is not really something that is of great concern to big AAA game developers, since they always have the budget to employ a composer to write original music. But a cash strapped indie developer may not necessarily have that luxury, unless they manage to rake in a lot more money than expected with their project’s kick starter.

Smart small developers know the value of royalty free music. For a single once-off fee you can buy a few pieces of music that are right for your game, and save the considerable cost of hiring a composer. The music may not be exactly right, but the result will be very good for the cost.

Smaller scale games, like games designed for mobile devices, are less reliant on music, and often a single catchy tune will be sufficient. If players get tired of hearing it, they can simply switch it off in the settings.

Casino games are very similar to indie games and mobile games, in that they have a very specific niche market. Therefore, a great royalty free music track can make a huge difference to the amount of players they attract.

The most popular roulette site in the UK, roulette sites uk , plays host to many high quality online gambling games. Aside from casino classics like roulette and blackjack, there are also many exciting slots games. All of these make very innovative use of royalty free music. You should try some of these out for yourself, so that you can see how a piece of music can radically alter the character of the game. Despite the variety of games, they all feel uniquely different.

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