Royalty free music in audio plays and podcasts

You may think about movies and adverts when you think of applications for royalty free music. You may even think of indie game development. While these are certainly fairly common uses of royalty free music, they are by no means the only places where it can be of use.

The humble radio play has had a long and rich history of telling engrossing stories using only the medium of sound. The BBC are very well known for their radio plays, and they have well equipped studios where they can handle all aspects of their creation. No, they will almost certainly not use royalty free music, since they have a large discotheque of their own, filled with music recordings of their many symphony orchestras. And as for sound effects, they have elaborate foley studios where foley artists can record all the sound effects and sound design for a project, using a variety of toys and tools.

With the internet, it has become very easy to create your own audio plays and distribute them. Platforms like Soundcloud have made it very easy to find an audience for all your audio projects. Although it is mostly known as a service for musicians, you will find all sorts of audio projects there, from electronic music to film scores to the spoken word. If you feel the need to, for instance, recruit your friends to record your own performance of Oscar Wilde’s: The Importance of Being Earnest. And you can add spice to it by adding royalty free music and sound effects. You can then upload it to Soundcloud, and you will probably find an audience.

While you are browsing through other people’s audio creations, also have a listen to some podcasts that might interest you. There are podcasts on almost every topic imaginable, and a vast percentage of them also use royalty free music to good effect.

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