How to use royalty free music and sfx on YouTube

You don’t need to have expensive video editing software in order to create videos for YouTube. You have access to a lot of easy to use tools in the Creator Studio. Video editing is not the only thing that is available to you; you also have tools available that make it easy to add titles to your video. But what about music?

Here’s where the kind folks at YouTube have been extra generous. Right inside your YouTube Creator Studio dashboard you will find the Audio Library tab. There you will find hundreds of free music tracks in a searchable database. You can sort music by genre, mood, instrument, or duration. There is also an indicator of popularity, and icons that indicate whether a Creative Commons attribution is required, and what you need to add to your video description. You can also add a star to your favourites so that you can find them again later. And if you prefer to edit your videos in more advanced software, there’s good news: you can download all the free tracks in the audio library!

The riches of the audio library doesn’t end there, though. There is also a library of sound effects! Once again, they are well categorised and searchable, and you can sort them out by any category. You are also free to download these.

Of course, it goes without saying that these free music tracks and sound effects are both free and royalty free. When you use them in your YouTube videos, you are allowed to monetise your videos. You should not suffer any Content ID claims against your video, but if you do, you will be able to easily prove that you are using free music. Just be sure to list the correct tracks in your video’s metadata, otherwise you still might see your ad revenue diverted to a rogue claimant.

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